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Time for Science

Placing science, engineering and technology firmly in context by directly relating content to our everyday lives and experiences, Time for Science features inbuilt opportunities for children to complete our Timelines – and introduces them to some people whose Science Stories should be much better known than they are!

The pack will see your children meeting the ever-curious Tallulah Time as she leads them through some of her favourite Science Timelines. The pack comprises …

  • Full instructions for teachers.
  • A filmed introduction to the notion of “time” – which can be shown at a whole-school assembly or to individual classes as a stand alone.
  • Timeline Teasers – quickfire challenges designed to whet your pupils’ creativity.
  • Full instructions for a warm-up activity, Timeline Sculptures.
  • Films bringing to life some Science Stories in which time itself has played a central role – with inbuilt opportunities for children to complete our Timelines (supplied as printable sheets):

EYFS/P1 (Understanding My Body): Human Timelines … What happens as we grow from a baby to a child to a grown up to an old person? Why should we celebrate these changes?

Year 1/P2 (Seasonal Changes): Seasonal Timelines … How (and why) do the lengths of our days and nights change through the seasons? How does this help humanity?

Year 2/P3 (Animals, including Humans): Lifespan Timelines … Why do different species of animals have such widely differing life spans? Can we relate this to life cycles?

Year 3/P4 (Rocks): Geology Timelines … What is the “fossil record”? How can an understanding of the differences between igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks help us look back on Earth’s immense history?

Year 4/P5 (Electricity): Electricity Timelines … When did humans first start to work with electricity – and how did they do it? How has that led to the current and ongoing quest to create and manipulate electricity in sustainable ways?

Year 5 /P6 (Earth and Space): Space Timelines … How – and why – did humans first start exploring space? How did we move from the Space Race to the Apollo Years, from the Apollo Years to an era of International Collaboration – and are we now moving towards an Age of Business?

Year 6/P7 (Evolution and Inheritance): Evolution Timelines … How can we use Darwin’s personal timeline as a metaphor for the evolutionary timeline that culminated in humankind.

  • Instructions, Fact Sheets and worksheets for follow-up literacy activities exploring a more diverse range of scientists than found in most history books – one per year group, directly linked to the theme of their film:
  • EYFS/P1: Frederick Akbar Mahomed
  • Year 1/P2: Eunice Newton Foote
  • Year 2/P3: Kitty Wilkinson
  • Year 3/P4: Mary Anning
  • Year 4/P5: Granville T Woods
  • Year 5 /P6: Caroline Herschel
  • Year 6/P7: Ibn Miskawayh


Family Science – add on for £10 

With any Time for Science purchase, you can also choose to purchase Family Science for just £10! It comes complete with an introductory film and offering the whole family opportunities to both uncover the science we all use in our everyday lives and think about easy ways that we can all contribute to protecting Planet Earth! The challenges are differentiated for four different age ranges: Age 4 – 5… Age 6-7… Age 8 – 9… and Age 10 – 11.

All you need to do is put both items in your basket and the discount will be applied!