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Product Details – Extraordinary Science – The Engineering Trail

Human beings are natural engineers. We’ve been engineering since the Stone Age, creating tools from flint. And we’re doing it now, sending satellites into space. The Engineering Trail contains ten challenges for four different age bands that will help your pupils realise just how important engineering is to everyday life.

Who is it for?

The activities are differentiated for three age ranges: EYFS and KS1/P1 – P3 … Years 3 and 4/P4 and P5 … and Years 5 and 6/P6 and P7. Each class teacher will be able to plan their own experience, using the age-appropriate activities.

Exploring: Practical problem-solving and age-appropriate engineering skills.


What is included?

All of the resources have been designed in line with curriculum requirements. There is an opening film to introduce the activity, activity cards for the practical trail – along with worksheets for pupils to record their findings – and a set of fact cards to explore with pupils.


How does it work?

Once you have purchased the package you and your colleagues will have access to the whole bank of The Engineering Trail resources to use how and when you please. Class teachers can use the structure we have suggested, or work to one of their own.  Of course, you don’t have to use the resources as part of a whole-school event. You may want to offer the experience to one key stage, one year group, or even just one class.