3rd October 2020

What are Extraordinary Worlds?

Extraordinary Worlds are ready-to-deliver whole-school WOW days. Including Pirates, Space and Food, each ‘World’ provides enough resources for every year group (from EYFS/P1 – Year 6/P7) to fill a whole day with fun and engaging themed activity. All designed to support learning and extend thinking through promoting pupil creativity – and encouraging children to actively engage, to be bold with their learning and to connect across the curriculum.

What are Extraordinary Maths and Science days?

Our Extraordinary Maths and Science immersive learning resource packages, providing 2 – 3 hours of activity for every pupil from Reception to Year 6 / P1 – P7. They comprise a range of activities from character-led experiences to themed activity trails and from PowerPoint quizzes to Family Learning packs.

What does an Extraordinary World WOW day package include?

When you buy an Extraordinary World WOW day package, you will receive everything you need to stage the WOW day in your school. You can choose to stick with the timetable we have suggested for each year group, or you can plan your own from the extensive list of resources provided. There are enough of these to fill several days so you will have plenty to choose from – allowing you to plan the best day to meet your specific requirements. Resources range from PowerPoint-based whole-class activities, lasting up to an hour, to individual worksheets that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. You also get access to Daily Creative – quick fire activities designed to exercise your pupils creativity every day – and Connect Games – some of our go-to games that can be adapted to support learning across the curriculum. And, the resources available are yours to use at any time, so anything you don’t use as part of an Extraordinary World day doesn’t go to waste!

What does an Extraordinary World Maths or Science day package include?

These smaller packages include everything you need to deliver 2 – 3 hours of activity for every pupil from Reception to Year 6 / P1 – P7. This typically includes: opening and closing assemblies, and classroom-based challenges including a whole school themed challenge.

How do I run an Extraordinary World day in my school?

We have made it as simple and as hassle-free as possible for you! Once you have purchased a package, you will find a Welcome Pack, with full instructions for planning and running your day. You can choose to share our suggested year-group timetables with each class teacher, or you can direct them to the resource list so they can plan their own day of activity. The days begin with a whole-school assembly (provided as a PowerPoint, with accompanying ‘script’), to create a real buzz in school. back in their own classrooms each class will then enjoy their own day of themed activity. You can also opt to close the day with a celebratory sharing assembly, should you wish.

How much does it cost?

Each Extraordinary World WOW day costs £250.00. That’s just over £1 per pupil in an average 1-form entry primary school – and under 60p per pupil in an average 2-form entry primary school!

Our Extraordinary World subject specific days cost £175.00.

Why should I consider buying an Extraordinary World package?

To succeed in an increasingly uncertain world, our children will need to draw on their creativity, transferring skills across different contexts and finding novel solutions to complex problems. The immersive, cross-curricular approach of Extraordinary Worlds will support you in nurturing that creativity in your pupils. And, because we have provided everything you need, all the potential stress of organising a whole-school WOW day is completely removed!

Are the resources linked to the curriculum?

Yes! All of our resources have been developed in close accordance with both the National Curriculum (England and Wales) and the Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland). They also align with the Northern Ireland Curriculum – and can be adapted to meet the needs of any other English-speaking country!

Can I try a sample resource?

Please visit our Free Resources page where you will find a great selection of resources that will give you a taste of the kinds of things you can expect from Extraordinary Worlds.

Can As Creatives Connect be used by schools outside of the UK?

Yes absolutely! all of our resources can be adapted to meet the needs of any other English-speaking country! if you would like to discuss how As Creatives Connect could work in your school then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Who are the people behind As Creatives Connect?

As Creatives is the organisation behind As Creatives Connect. Set up over 12 years ago, As Creatives is one of the leading providers of creative learning to schools all over the world! you can find out more about As Creatives and the team by visiting our website www.ascreatives.com.