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Product Details – Extraordinary Maths – Times Tables Trattoria 

Through sheer head work, Trevi Times made his dream come true – by opening his own Italian restaurant, Times’ Tables Trattoria! But with his team of chefs wasting too much food (and spending too much money), that dream is on the verge of turning into a nightmare. If only there were some children who could use their knowledge and understanding of their times tables to help him keep his trattoria open …


Who is it for?

You will find Maths resources here for all year groups from Reception/P1 to Year 6/P7. Each class teacher will be able to plan their own experience, using the age-appropriate activities.

Exploring: times tables, additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, percentages, money, problem solving – selected for each age group (EYFS – Y6 / P1 – P7) in line with National Curriculum / Curriculum for Excellence objectives.


What is included?

All of the resources have been designed in line with curriculum requirements, differentiated from Reception to Year 6 / P1 – P7.  The package includes opening and closing films to support the narrative, “flagship” PowerPoint challenges, themed maths worksheets (with master answer sheets for teachers) and themed literacy activities (with writing frameworks).

The pack includes:

  • Two short films from Trevi Times to open and close the adventure
  • Seven PowerPoint-based, whole-class activities (one for each year group), exploring age-appropriate aspects of measurement
  • One Maths warm up activity per year group 
  • One measurement-based literacy activity per year group 
  • Trevi’s Teasers – Quick-fire, food-themed challenges designed to stimulate creativity and sharpen the appetite for learning!
  • Tips on food-themed ways of playing some of our favourite Connect Games – and a link to some films giving further instructions.


How does it work?

Once you have purchased the package you and your colleagues will have access to the whole bank of Times Tables Trattoria resources to use how and when you please. Class teachers can use the structure we have suggested, or work to one of their own.  Of course, you don’t have to use the resources as part of a whole-school event. You may want to offer the experience to one key stage, one year group, or even just one class.


Family Maths add on for £10

With any of Maths pack purchase, you can also choose to purchase Family Maths for just £10! (usually £45.00). Family Maths comprises a range of challenges for all the family, exploring ways in which we use maths all the time, without ever really thinking about it – and demonstrating just how easy it is to use almost any family activity as a springboard for a quick maths challenge.

All you need to do is put both items in your basket and the discount will be applied!