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The children will meet The Mighty Pen a writer with plenty of wonderful ideas for stories – but no characters to put in them! The Pen, will, though, introduce your pupils to some archetypes – and challenge classes, a year group at a time, to take part in workshops designed to transform those archetypes into all-encompassing characters.

EYFS / P1 will muse over The Magician – and what it is that magicians love to do …

Year 1 / P2 will have a look at The Hero – and what heroes do when they’re not being heroic!

Year 2 / P3 will investigate The Villain – just where do villains hatch their plans?

Year 3 / P4 will shed light on the Lover – do lovers always have to be so soppy?

Year 4 / P5 will consider The Clown – and what makes them laugh!

Year 5 / P6 will analyse The Athlete – and where their competitive spirit comes from …

Year 6 / P7 will go into The Geek – what do they want most in the world?