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The pack will see your children meeting Bridget Links (Bridge for short) (our self-styled Connections Collector) as she shares some of the STEM connections she has discovered. The pack comprises …

Full instructions for a warm-up activity, Connections Sculptures. Films telling the stories, and the science behind the stories, of each year group’s designated scientist/technologist/engineer (together with instructions and worksheets for follow-up activities). Connection Conundrums – quickfire challenges designed to whet your pupils’ creativity.Full instructions for teachers.Instructions and worksheets for follow-up literacy activities – one per year group.EYFS / P1 (linking to “Exploring the World”): Elijah McCoy, who changed the railways for ever, making possible the long journeys that make the world today a little smaller!Year 1 / P2 (linking to “Materials”): Lyda NewmanYear 2 / P3 (linking to “Living Things and their Habitats”): Charles Henry TurnerYear 3 / P4 (linking to “Forces”): Sarah GoodeYear 4 / P5 (linking to “Animals, including Humans”): Marie CurieYear 5 / P6 (linking to “Space”): Katherine JohnsonYear 6 / P7 (linking to “The Circulatory System”): Charles Richard Drew

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Watch a taster clip from the Year 2 / P3 Film


Watch a taster clip from the Year 6 / P7 Film