Time for Science British Science Week 2024 Teaching Pack Resources

New for British Science Week 2024 – Time for Science Teaching Resource

17th January 2024

Time for Science – new for British Science Week 2024

British Science Week 2024 takes place during the 8th – 17th March 2024 and this year’s theme is Time! we have delveloped a brand new teaching resource pac “Time for Science” linking to this theme …

Placing science, engineering and technology firmly in context by directly relating content to our everyday lives and experiences, Time for Science features inbuilt opportunities for children to complete our Timelines – and introduces them to some people whose Science Stories should be much better known than they are!

The pack will see your children meeting the ever-curious Tallulah Time as she leads them through some of her favourite Science Timelines!

Time for Science allows you to deliver your own whole-school Science day during British Science Week, or any other time throughout the school year!

Find out more at; www.ascreativesconnect.com/product/time-for-science/