5th April 2020

As well as promoting creativity, our resources and activities have been designed to support you in meeting curriculum requirements in the key subjects of Maths, Science and Literacy – as well as in History.

We have developed them in close accordance with both the National Curriculum (England and Wales) and the Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland). They also align with the Northern Ireland Curriculum – and can be adapted to meet the needs of any other English-speaking country.

There is a range of ways you can find what you’re looking for:


We’ve got a wealth of resources for you, and for all primary school ages, covering Maths, Literacy, Science and History. Whether you’re looking for a quick, fifteen minute activity to be completed individually, a two hour challenge for small teams or a thirty minute task to be worked through as a whole class, there’s lots here for you to choose from! And don’t forget – we cover Assemblies, Outdoor Learning and Events and Key Dates too!

Key Stages

We know how valuable your time is, so we’ve made it easy for you to find what you need for any year group – from Reception/P1 right through to Year 6/P7. The handy chart below sets out the Primary Education structures for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – and, for teachers in other parts of the world, shows how these relate to children’s ages.

Key Stage
(England &
Year Group (England & Wales)Levels
Year Group (Scotland & N.Ireland)Age
EYFSReceptionEarly LevelP14 – 5
Key Stage 1Year 1First LevelP25 – 6
Key Stage 1Year 2First LevelP36 – 7
Key Stage 2Year 3First LevelP47 – 8
Key Stage 2Year 4Second LevelP58 – 9
Key Stage 2Year 5Second LevelP69 – 10
Key Stage 2Year 6Second LevelP710 – 11

Key Features of Connect

As Creatives Connect opens up a whole world of primary school activities and resources, all designed to support learning and extend thinking through promoting pupil creativity.

Find out more about the key features of As Creatives Connect here!