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Introducing Extraordinary Worlds

Whole-school activities are a fantastic way to bring the school community together in a shared learning experience. Each of our Extraordinary Worlds WOW days - including Space, Football and Pirates - provide a whole day (and more!) of amazing cross-curricular, themed activity for every year group, including opening (and closing) assemblies. You can construct your menu from the wealth of maths, literacy, science and history activities we’ve provided (all firmly rooted in the curriculum), or work to one of our suggested structures. Smaller packages, providing around 2.5 hours of activity for every year group - and with a focus on one area of the curriculum - are also available. Whichever package you choose will allow you and your pupils to access and engage with the immersive approaches we have developed in more than twelve years working directly in schools (and with more than a million pupils so far!).

Creativity for All

We’re passionate advocates of the value of creativity for all – so we were delighted when the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education noted, “An education that stimulates children’s creativity can help them thrive, enjoy and achieve … and shape a better future!” As Creatives Connect has been specifically developed to help you promote that creativity – and provide the “cultural capital” sought by the new Ofsted framework.

Creativity in Schools

To succeed in an increasingly uncertain world, the children of today will need to draw on their creativity, transferring skills across different contexts and finding novel solutions to complex problems. And that’s why we’ve developed As Creatives Connect - to connect you and the pupils you teach with a whole host of immersive Extraordinary Worlds, whole-school WOW days inspired by creative approaches to learning.

Why As Creatives Connect?

Set up to improve the futures of children everywhere by placing creativity at the heart of teaching and learning, As Creatives has been supporting schools since 2008. Since then, we have designed and delivered engaging and curriculum-rich activities, working directly with well over a million children. And As Creatives Connect now allows you to use our activities, approaches and resources yourselves, drawing from a bank of ideas that will grow term by term, year by year, both reflecting our commitment to continually exploring new ideas and offering excellent value for money.

The Extraordinary World of Space

Fantastic Value

As well as the resources available in each Extraordinary World, As Creatives Connect gives you access to Daily Creative - quick fire activities designed to exercise your pupils' creativity every day – and Connect Games – some of our go-to games that can be adapted to support learning across the curriculum. And, the resources available are yours to use at any time, so anything you don’t use as part of an Extraordinary World activity doesn’t go to waste!

What Teachers Say About Us

“I’ve had such great feedback from teachers! thank you so much for making the topics so engaging, relevant and meaningful to the children. I know for a fact how much my class loved inventing new things.”

St Matthias School

“"We have had a brilliant week exploring Ancient Egypt. We solved brilliant literacy and numeracy challenge, Riddle of the Sphinx! Also excavated treasure and spelling words, built tombs, role-played Pharaohs and so much more!" ”

Woodmuir Primary

“"We absolutely loved our day solving the Riddle of the Sphinx. It definitely created a huge buzz in the school!" ”

Broadsquare Primary School

“"Great inclusive day that challenged all of our children. All children from across the school were able to take part. Pitch was appropriate, challenging and allowed for a great day of learning."”

Glebefields Primary School

“"The day was a HUGE success. Children, teachers and parents were delighted. The website was well organised, clear and easy to follow. We think As Creatives are utterly brilliant and I will happily recommend you to whoever will listen!"”

Dovedale School

“"We had a very enjoyable day where the children learnt lots. Children were provided with a rich curriculum, that depended and embedded prior learning through exciting cross curricular activities. Children specifically enjoyed the challenges linked to their learning e.g. 'the missing boots'. It was great that children were able to understand that football is not just a sport - but has many cross-curricular links. For some of our children who aspire to be footballers - I think this has been a light bulb moment that they need to do well in other subjects too! Thank you for a wonderful day."”

Kensington Community Primary

Creative Resources for all Year Groups

Our Extraordinary Worlds give you access to age-differentiated resources, covering a wide range of curriculum areas, grouped under different themes or topics (with more being added each term!). Start your adventure with a challenge set by Ady, our Learning Explorer, as he travels through space and time – and promote creativity in the classroom at any time, by accessing other features, such as Daily Creative and Connect Games. As Creatives Connect has been designed to create multiple cognitive access points, build resilience and provide bridges across gaps in knowledge. So children of all ages can Actively Engage, Be Bold and Connect!

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